Child’s Play

When creating this collection, Emily looked back on the excitement of playing “dress up” as a child. She set out to reinterpret the over-the-top outfits she wore then, translating them into something more elevated and adult. A fusion of inspiration from Pop Art, kids’ costume jewelry, Harajuku style, and artist friends like Betsy Enzensberger come together in a collection that nods toward several examples of uninhibited self-expression.

“I believe luxury is even more elevated with a sense of playfulness and color. 
Life is too short to go without color.”

A Wonderland of Color

Dress up incorporates unicorn spinel, pink sapphire hearts, oversized brightly colored gemstones, and enamel accents in designs that are luxurious with a playful edge. The collection also includes reimagined versions of Emily’s signature Tiered and X silhouettes, with new cheerful color palettes. Invoking childlike wonder and imagination, many of the designs are named after Disney princesses and villains. Sometimes kitschy and always aspirational, the collection is full of love and hope.