Dress Up Necklace

The pinnacle of Emily's SS21 collection, The Dress Up Necklace was made by expert craftsmen in Los Angeles. The necklace is made with two pieces of ethically-sourced ebony, hand-carved to fit the curvature of the neck. A challenging endeavor, there were seven lapidary attempts made before the piece laid perfectly on the neck. A myriad of pink gemstones hangs delicately in contrast to the strong, dark ebony. Set in 18 karat rose gold, the piece is a truly one-of-a-kind statement.


Materials: 18k rose gold, 2.24ct spinel, 2.82ct rose tourmaline, 3.01ct morganite, 6.06ct pink tourmaline, 6.27ct peach tourmaline, 7.52ct Malaya garnet

Measurements: 16" long, 15mm wide ebony

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Dress Up

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