The Brand

Bands bloom in a blushing sunrise of sapphires. Hoops glow in shades of juicy lime tsavorite. Gems sing in tones of seven-part harmony. Wearable classic jewelry icons come alive in technicolor, bursting with personality and joy. Emily P. Wheeler makes jewelry for women who aren’t afraid to defy convention and color outside the lines.

With hand-selected stones that shade artfully from hue to hue, every Emily P. Wheeler design celebrates the colors between colors. A reminder that life is all about the journey, not the destination. That the meaningful moments in between the milestones are when life really happens. Playing a board game by the fire with friends. The weight of your child’s head asleep on your shoulder. Riding on the bow of a boat, salty wind blowing in your hair.

Because the journey matters, the jewelry feels as good as it looks. Every piece is responsibly sourced and expertly crafted from Single Mine Origin gold, recycled precious metals and ethical gemstones.

Make today one of those nothing days that means everything. Wear these unforgettable jewels as a promise to yourself to always make the ordinary extraordinary.

The Designer

Emily is a GIA trained expert on colored gemstones and works with the best lapidaries and jewelers across the world. Emily began exhibiting at the prestigious Couture show in 2018, and won the Couture Design Award for best in color in 2021.

Emily draws inspiration for her colorful designs from a sophisticated mix of art and pop culture. A collection might reference her father's photos, Harajuku style, Richard Misrach, or mid century fashion, and will always invoke a sense of nostalgia.

Responsible sourcing has always been part of Emily's mission. For her, luxury lies not only in refined craft and precious materials, but also in the lives touched through the process of making. Emily P. Wheeler is designed to be worn with confidence and a clear conscience.

Our Mission

We want to bring feelings and memories to life through expressive and ethically made fine jewelry. We’re setting a new standard for luxury built on a responsible, ethical, and transparent process.

Three is the magic number

The three layers of luxury that define each piece of Emily P. Wheeler jewelry.

There's the luxury that exists in the materiality of each piece. Rare gemstones. Precious metals. The luxury you can feel in the weight of a necklace against your chest.
Then there's the luxury of craft. The artist's hand. The unique combination of skill, personality, and sum of experiences leading up to each piece's moment of creation.
Finally, there is the luxury of a clear conscience. To wear each piece with confidence, knowing every stone was sourced responsibly.